Choosing the most inspiring and effective tools for your blog or social network

The most effective tools for your blog

Yesterday I asked one of our clients – James Crook, marketing manager of VisionSafe Safety Equipment Suppliers about the marketing tools he uses for his for his web 2.0 blogs. Here is what he replied:

Web 2.0 is not an end in and of itself. Rather, it is part of the continuing evolution marketers are experiencing as the World Wide Web matures. Just as we are becoming comfortable with Web 2.0 and its technologies, one day soon we will be facing Web 3.0, 4.0 and beyond.The one constant is that technology will evolve, consumers will become more sophisticated and more empowered, and it will become increasingly important to know your visitors and customers at an individual level, and to build long-term, deep relationships with them. Personalization and relationship marketing are becoming more of a reality.

Modern Technology

To be successful, marketers need a robust behavioral analytics solution and a complete record of all visitor behavior—not a sampling of data, and certainly not simple statistics about click throughs and page hits. Only with a customer-centric data asset will marketers be able to harness the power of the Internet and provide their visitors with a truly personal experience that optimizes their business goals.

The biggest two questions I get with my enterprise clients is 
   “How do I know what tools to implement?”  
  “Where is the ROI in Web 2.0?”.
I ask: “Where is your game plan and what are you striving for”?  
  What are your objectives? 
   What are you trying to accomplish by launching that blog or social network?   
   What are you trying to do in connecting with customers?   
   Is it to shorten the sales cycle?    
   Reduce support costs by letting your customers self support each other?
If you’re trying to reduce support costs by letting your customers self support each other, you measure it. How many calls did not go into the call center because of the tool/technology? 
   How much information was put in their from customers? 
   How did they rate it or rank it?    
   What did they actually say?

Objective and Game Plan

Take very seriously building an Action Plan to knowing how to engage in Web 2.0 effectively
Post methodology is the framework or game plan for any company to jump into Social Networking
The target you are trying to reach:  
 2.Game Plan   
 3.What tools you pick  
 4.Note to self: Pick the tools last

You’re looking for the technoprofile of the demographic. What tools match that demo, and psychographic?
Biz opportunities will soar for firms that build community online. The people that participate with you make you smarter

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