Create excitement and most importantly - hope

Art of creation

In a ever changing world where “Social” is more common, some days I don’t feel very “Social” at all. I’m launching a 2.0 Social Media Marketer hub called “Power to be” Guess what? It’s all about getting “Social”

Some days I wonder why I don’t feel more mojo in my belly and a bit more “Social”. On these type of days I almost always move closer to the “Social Story” of what my customers are experiencing. Look around you…I’m seeing “Social” proof in ways I hadn’t seen before.

There’s evidence of social proof and other forms of proof all over Vegas. One casino has a “wall of winners” showing photos of all the normal everyday people who have struck it rich showing off their big checks. Some have even become new millionaires.

This is a classic technique that creates excitement and most importantly - hope. The whole idea of gambling is to purchase just a little potential for winning big with every bet. It’s this hope that creates the excitement that keeps people gambling away more money, despite fully understanding how bad the odds are in most situations.

Who are your “Wall of Winners” or simply “Customer Winners”?, who love to share a winning customer experience raving about your services and products. And, I don’t mean a 5 word testimonial on your website….do more by, posting on your blog, audio, video or transcribing an authentic phone conversation with your clients is effective.

Feeling Self-Doubt right about now?

If at this point in reading this post, you’re not feeling connected to me, this might be why.

It’s very tough to be convinced of success when you have yet to seriously experience it. In many ways, at this stage of your business career, faith and fake-it-till-you-make-it confidence in your plan has to carry you through the self doubt, the set-backs and the slow growth.

Nothing goes right all the time. Sometimes clients will ask for refunds, or they won’t be happy with what you provide or the universe creates a circumstance you had no way of predicting, which you just had to deal with.

For you beginners out there, one of the greatest challenges you face is your combat with self doubt. Others around you will poke fun at your attempt to buck the trend to start a business, your own outcome will come gradually and for a long time you will have to work every day for little return. Fortitude and willpower are essential at this stage.

If you don’t have tolerance for ambiguity, you better avoid the entrepreneur’s voyage

What Can You Create Today?

One of the things I did and still do whenever I feel less than passionate is to focus on production, rather than perfection or the external elements that bring me down. I might feel completely flattened, but I know if I generate something or take any productive action, I continue towards my goals.

The great thing about output is the power it has over your mood. Negative feelings breeds negative actions - lying in your bed or watching TV for example - or a lack of any action at all. If you focus on creating something and just take one little forward step, the physical effort you put forth effects your inner emotional state. Your ability to plow-on in the face of emotional conflict can carry you through the gloom and return you to a state of harmonious activity and thought.

If you truly want to realize an outcome and savor success, then you must complete the necessary steps to get there. Not some of them and not just during your best days. This needs to be congruent and forceful effort regardless of external conditions or internal turmoil.

Why not go take some action right now?

Thomas Landers, CEO of Koko's Dry Cleaners